Sony XBR-55A9G Bravia OLED Review

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There’s a wide range of 4K TVs on the market, all competing for top dog position and the household favorite. But there are everyday 4K TVs, and then there are the 4K TVs that provide a truly cinematic quality video and audio.

And, since all streaming platforms and filmmakers are capitalizing on the 4K resolution craze, this is one of the best moments to consider getting one for yourself.

Sony XBR-55A9G Bravia OLED

The Sony Bravia OLED comes in various configurations and sizes. Besides impressive audio and video, and some placement flexibility, it also has one of the most stable Android TV performances in all categories. That includes models outside the 4K lineup. This model’s also remarkably simple to use for any purpose.

Who is this product for?

A 4K TV these days is not necessarily a niche product. Anyone with a good internet connection and perhaps a decent streaming dongle can make full use of a 4K smart TV and its cinematic experience.

Furthermore, people that can’t stop using their virtual assistants and smart devices should be interested in a 4K TV as almost every model supports these technologies. It’s also worth noting that the Sony Bravia OLED can also find its place in any home because it comes in three ideal viewing sizes, 55”, 65”, and 77”.

What’s included?

While you can get this TV standalone, there are also three bundle options too. If you want more accessories and better overall performance, you can opt for the TV plus a soundbar on either a 2.1 or 3.1 channel. The 3.1 will be a better, but also a slightly pricier option. And, a wall mounting bracket is also available, but also optional.

Overview of features

The main features include the X-Reality Pro technology for image upscaling, Android OS, as well as a triluminous display, amongst many others. The upscaling is excellent in this case, and X-Reality Pro can also do work on the on-screen noise.

Both Dolby Vision and IMAX Enhanced technologies have been crammed into the Sony Bravia OLED to create a higher dynamic range and deliver a truly cinematic viewing experience. What’s also interesting is that the barebones TV has outstanding audio too. It won’t have the best bass definition, but one can’t argue with the results.

Whether or not the Android OS is something you like on a smart TV, keep in mind that it’s the most versatile option. Setting aside any actual movie watching, the browsing capabilities of this OS are almost endless, especially when you compare them with Fire TVs, Roku TVs, and other streaming-dedicated TVs.

The 120Hz refresh rate is also reasonable, especially since there are plenty 4K TV models out there still stuck at 60fps. The higher refresh rate will also make this a decent gaming TV if you want to get even more out of it. Keep in mind that it’s not exactly a premium option for gamers that are flocking towards the 144Hz refresh rate TVs and monitors.

Last but not least of the main selling points, the X1 Ultimate processor used in this TV is truly unique in terms of its object-based rendering capabilities.

How to get the most out of it

Although the Sony Bravia OLED is a powerhouse 4K TV, you could always squeeze just a bit more out of it if you pair it with a dedicated surround sound system. Furthermore, getting a streaming dongle so that you can easily access libraries of 4K videos is also something worth considering.

Wall mounting the TV is not a bad idea either.


  • Above-average refresh rate
  • Dolby Vision and IMAX
  • Stable Android OS
  • Multiple bundles and sizes available
  • Built-in 2.2ch Audio Surface+ system


  • Slightly pricey


Toshiba 43V35KU Fire TV

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Although the Sony Bravia OLED can do pretty much everything you could ask of it, it is a high-end 4K TV, and it comes with a premium price. If you’re just interested in a 4K cinematic experience but don’t need other bells and whistles, then perhaps the Toshiba 43V35KU Fire TV would be a better fit.

This TV will lock you into using the Fire TV streaming platform. However, it’s considerably cheaper, works great with Alexa, and will allow you to access all the popular streaming platforms. At the same time, the 4K video quality is consistent, sharp, and will create an immersive experience once you pair it with a Fire TV device.


If what you’re after is a top-of-the line 4K TV, then the Sony Bravia OLED is a top contender. It’s available in three sizes that can accommodate any living room, and it has two mounting options.

It also has an array of compatible peripheral audio systems that can create an immersive soundstage to go with the high-quality video. Finally, this 4K TV is packed with video enhancing technologies and has a superior rendering speed to many of its direct competitors.

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