Sonos Sub Wireless Subwoofer Review

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Most people understand the importance of having a subwoofer. They can cover the lower registers — the basses and sub-basses — that normal woofers simply cannot without distorting the sound. But do you understand the importance of having a good subwoofer?

With an even better potential for powerful sound output, you can make a home theater sound like a cinema experience. (Okay, that may be hyperbole, but still, it sounds really good).

And if the sounds appealing to you (and you have got some good money to spend) then you need look no further than the product we are going to cover today.

Sonos Sub – The Wireless Subwoofer for Deep Bass 

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The Sonos Sub provides you with a completely wireless bass and sub-bass subwoofer experience. When connected to any Sonos sound system, it can completely enhance the experience, transforming your audio into something masterful and ever so pleasing to listen to.

It can be further enhanced if it is paired up with other devices such as other Sonos speakers or play bars. Sonos has endeavored to create a versatile experience for you, the listener, without the buzz and annoying vibrations that you may find in other subwoofer devices.

Who is This Product For?

If you have the money for it (and believe me, you will need plenty of it, but more on that later), the Sonos Sub can provide your home theater or music and sound system with an added tonal quality that you simply cannot find anywhere else.

This product is for the consumers who really enjoy their media experiences. If you enjoy being able to come home, sit in your favorite Lazy Boy, and listen to music for hours or completely immerse yourself in a good movie, this subwoofer is for you.

With its wireless capabilities, you will never have to leave the couch. You can even place your Sonos Sub right there with you!

What’s Included?

The beauty of this product is its sheer lack of additional devices required in order to use it. As we said, it is a wireless device, so that means no cables are necessary in order to make it work.

It does not have a stand either, but it does not need one. The Sonos Sub can be placed upright, on its side, or even under your couch. It is that versatile with its orientation.

Overview of Features

This is the best part of any review, and that is because it lays all the cool things out under one heading. And there is a lot of cool stuff here, so let us get right into it.

First up, we already mentioned that the Sonos Sub is a completely wireless device, but that is not going to stop us from mentioning it again. Seriously, this is a really great innovation because it gives you the freedom to place it wherever you want without the clutter.

It looks pretty cool wherever you put it, and it is small enough that that can be just about anywhere you want. You can stand it up, lie it down, or tuck it in. And saying it like that almost makes it sound like a child. It’s almost as precious as one too.

Secondly, the physical design of the Sub includes inward facing speaker drivers. You will know it when you see it, but what this does is help to eliminate vibration and rattling — that ugly-sounding buzz you hear with some audio systems.

And thirdly, the Sonos Sub works with Amazon Alexa. This gives you even more remote control meaning that if you wanted to, you would never have to leave the couch again.

How to Get the Most Out of It

The Sonos Sub works best when it is paired with other Sonos devices. If you connect them all, you can create an incredible home sound system that can easily be accessed wirelessly. The Sub also works with Amazon Alexa, as do other Sonos products, meaning you can effectively transform your home into a fully operational theater. If you wanted to, that is.


  • Completely wireless
  • Small (and elegant) design
  • Can be placed just about anywhere
  • Excellent sound quality and zero buzz
  • Works with Amazon Alexa


  • It is very expensive
  • Works best when paired with other Sonos devices which is an extra investment


SVS SB-3000

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We know the Sonos Sub is expensive, and not everyone really wants to reach that far deep into their wallet. But there are some other great subwoofers that can also give you a pleasing auditory experience. For example, the SVS SB-3000 gives you a deep and rich sound, and is just as easy to set up and use. It also provides wireless remote control through the use of a free mobile application.


The Sonos Sub is a brilliant device. While certainly expensive, it may be worth the investment in order to completely enhance and transform your home sound system. This is a highly recommended buy if you can afford it.

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