Samsung QLED 4K Q90 Review

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It’s hard to argue against the value and track record of Samsung smart TVs given how far the technology has progressed and the manufacturer’s consistency.

A 4K experience at home is not out of reach anymore. And in many cases, the comfort of watching a 4K movie at home should trump the idea of going into a movie theatre.

With that in mind, how do you select a good Samsung TV? By finding a proven combination of features and audio and video technologies that can squeeze the most performance out of the TV.

Samsung QLED 4K Q90

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The Samsung QLED 4K Q90 is almost a complete package. It’s a top-of-the-line 4K smart TV that delivers impressive color, detail, and overall performance. The TV is suitable for an array of applications and not a specific niche. Therefore, anyone could enjoy it equally.

Who is this product for?

This TV, along with all the necessary peripherals, is suitable for large living rooms, bedrooms, and even small viewing or screening rooms. It’s for homeowners that always go for the highest quality formats when renting, streaming, or downloading movies, documentaries, and music videos.

It’s also for people that don’t put a price on quality and those who want to put up a quality home cinema system quickly, without the need for technical know-how, intricate wiring, and so on.

Due to its overall excellent performance, the QLED Q90 smart TV is also a solid choice for console gamers.

What’s included?

Although you can purchase the TV on its own, there are two packages or bundle deals that give it that finishing touch. Depending on your budget and preferences, you can get the TV with either the Dolby Atmos Q90R or Q80R soundbars.

Overview of features

Whether you want something a bit smaller or something more massive, the QLED 4K Q90 can accommodate. The tv is available in three sizes, 65”, 75”, and 82”, all of which are eligible for the desired soundbar bundle deal.

The Alexa connectivity and seamless performance make it a good fit for someone that is designing a smart home or uses virtual assistants, intelligent control hubs, and other similar devices.

The Quantum Dots technology is responsible for providing high-quality colors and detail depth. Due to the concentrated backlight and automated contrast adjustments, the on-screen imagery will be immersive and optimally highlighted in any lighting conditions and any time of day.

You may also appreciate the super-wide viewing angle. It allows for much more flexibility with arranging seats, creating a mini home theatre, or integrating the TV into an already existing décor.

The sharpness of the image is on point, and also to be expected given the processing power of the Quantum Processor 4K. It handles upscaling like few other TVs out there. It also offers the dynamic range you need in a TV to enjoy the best resolution in anything you want to watch.

How to Get the Most Out of It

The TV is a piece of cake to set up, especially given the intuitive and instructive manual. That said, the TV alone doesn’t have the best volume. So, to get the most out of it in terms of video and audio, it’s best to pair it with one of the available, previously mentioned Samsung soundbars.

Also, owning an Alexa device and pairing it with the TV is not a must-have thing. But, it would elevate the experience and offer tons of convenience.


  • Ultra-wide viewing angle
  • High-performance Quantum processor
  • High contrast and shadow detail
  • Optimal brightness levels
  • Effortless setup


Not all smartphones and virtual assistants have the same level of compatibility



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Very few things from Samsung ever come cheap. But let’s say that you still want quality, but you don’t want or can’t spring for all the extra bells and whistles. If that’s the case, LG may have an alternative for you in the form of the LG OLED 55C9PUA TV.

Not only is it a good TV that goes up to 77,” but it’s also pretty loaded with features for its price range. Technologies such as Dolby Vision, Atmos, NVIDIA G-SYNC, AirPlay 2, and more all help enhance the overall performance. You’ll get topnotch picture quality and everything you would need to create a cinematic, immersive experience.

Also, LG offers even smaller screens, as little as 55”, should the footprint also be of particular concern. And regardless of size, the image quality remains consistent.


Whether or not you want a massive 4K screen, if you haven’t experienced a proper home cinema before, it might be something you would want to look into at some point.

Each passing year, Samsung’s top 4K performers get better and better, and slightly cheaper. And, the Samsung QLED 4K Q90 smart TV is one of those models that appeal to a wide range of people and preferences.

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