KEF LS50 Mini Monitor High Gloss Speaker Review

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It is no secret that if you want the audio you listen to be clear and sharp, the speakers connected to your audio device need to be up to the job. To see if that is the case with KEF LS50 Mini Speakers we tested them thoroughly, and while they may not be big in size, they certainly punched above their weight in terms of their sound output.

KEF LS50 Mini Monitor High Gloss Speaker

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The LS50 mini speaker is manufactured by KEF which had humble beginners when its founder Raymond Cooke started trying to improve acoustic sounds from a Nissen Hut in Kent, UK, in the early 1960s.

KEF previously produced LS3/5a monitor speakers, which were used by the BBC for many years as their stock monitor speakers. As technology moved on KEF created the LS50 as its replacement and it has proved every bit, if not more successful.

They were first produced in 2013 to celebrate 50 years of KEF’s existence and in the years since they have retained a very high positive review rating. Other than the black gloss finish the other color options are black matt and white.

Who is this product for?

While the term ‘mini speakers’ might have you thinking these are just the same as any other, you be mistaken. These speakers are of the highest specification, and that is reflected in the price tag.

Their quality is such that they should be used in conjunction with the highest spec audio equipment and they are also used by many sound engineers and musicians when they are monitoring recordings and other audio.

These are not speakers that you would merely give to the kids so they can play music in their bedroom. Instead, these are top specification speakers for those with a real desire for the highest quality sound.

What’s included?

This couldn’t be simpler as you receive two KEF LS50 mini speakers. Speaker wire is not included as the high specification of these speakers means that many users have their own preference for speaker wires depending on how the speakers are to be used.

Overview of features

Although we are primarily concerned with the quality of this speaker’s sound output, we can’t avoid mentioning its looks. The black gloss exterior just oozes class and with the eye-catching rose-gold cones in the center, these speakers appeal as much to the eyes as they do the ears.

The concept behind the LS50 is that it is designed to reproduce as close to soundstage quality as possible. That is why this speaker is so popular with musicians and sound engineers. At its heart is a bespoke technology that KEF calls the Uni-Q driver. This is capable of reproducing sounds across a vast array of frequencies, from a low of 47 Hz to a high of 45 kHz.

Further advanced designs have been incorporated into the LS50 to enhance the sound quality it produces. One of these is the way in which the ports have been designed with flexible membranes to minimize distortions. There is additional dampening provided by a special mechanism within the construction of the speakers.

The question often asked about speakers relaters to what their maximum volume output is, and the answer to that with respect to the LS50 is 106 dB, which is exceptional.

How to use it

As you would expect, by these being a pair of speakers there is little in the way of installation. You need to connect them to your audio device using speaker wire, and the higher grade of wire you can use the better. For connections and positioning details you should refer to the user’s manual.

It is also advised that you should give the LS50 speakers a ‘breaking in’ period of up to 24 hours which gives them time to start performing as they should.


  • Eye-catching design
  • Bespoke Uni-Q sound driver
  • Exceptional frequency range capability
  • Very low distortion levels
  • Up to 106 dB output


  • High spec sound source needed for best performance


ELAC Uni-Fi UB5 Bookshelf Speaker

418QB+HSU1L. SL500

As an alternative with a slightly lower price ticket, you might wish to look at the ELAC Uni-Fi UB5 Bookshelf Speaker which comes as a pair when you purchase.

It has a powerful aluminum bass subwoofer and its three-way design allows it to optimize sound output across a huge range of frequencies. It also incorporates unique binding posts to ensure speaker wire connections are optimized for the highest transfer quality from the wires to the speaker. 


Any speaker that can track its heritage back to a speaker that no less an organization than BBC used must be worth noting. The KEF LS50 is certainly noteworthy because it produces sound quality that you might think impossible from such a small speaker. Small in size it might be, but the KL50 is certainly a heavyweight in the speaker arena when it comes to performance.

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