How to Install a Bracket for a Flat-Screen TV

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If you just bought a new flat-screen TV, chances are that you are looking to mount it on a wall. Many people prefer to mount their TVs on the wall, as it allows for a good height, so you can get a proper viewing angle, plus it eliminates the need for a TV stand.

Therefore, you are probably wondering how to install a bracket for a flat-screen TV. Today we are going to help you get your TV mounted to the wall with a quick and easy tutorial.

Wall Mounting a Flat-Screen TV

This will be a simple step-by-step tutorial on how to install a flat-screen TV bracket and how to get the TV up on the wall, all in one go.

  • First thing’s first: Make sure that you have purchased the right wall bracket for your TV. Not all wall mounts are compatible with all TVs, so it is important that your components are compatible. Most brackets can fit a range of TV sizes.
  • The next thing you have to do, if the base of the TV (the stand), is already attached, is to remove the stand. You cannot mount a TV on the wall if the stand is still attached.
  • Now it is time to attach the wall mounting bracket to the backside of the television. To do this, lay the TV on something soft and flat, like a blanket on a table, with the screen side down. How you position the TV to attach brackets will depend on the specific TV.
  • Next, you are going to look for four holes on the rear of the TV. This is where the bracket for wall mounting will screw into. Be sure that you have a bracket, or small double brackets, which are compatible with the screw holes on your TV.
  • Place the mounting brackets in the corresponding locations according to the manufacturer. Align them properly, ensure they are facing the right way, and then finally screw them into the TV. Make sure that the bracket or brackets are firmly mounted to the TV with absolutely no wiggle room. Loose screws can be disastrous and can cause your TV to come crashing down.
  • Now it is time to mount the TV, complete with the bracket, to your wall. The first step is find the studs in the wall. Never mount a TV to the drywall alone, as the TV will undoubtedly be too heavy and rip right out of the wall. Use a stud finder or any other preferred method to locate the studs.
How to Install a Bracket for a Flat-Screen TV
  • Next, use a level and a pencil to mark the studs. Make sure to use a level because nobody is going to enjoy a crooked TV. Also, make sure to line up the marks on the studs at the proper distance from each other according to the specs of the bracket being used.
  • Use a drill to make small pilot holes where the screws are going to be inserted. Keep in mind that the pilot holes should be smaller than the screws being used. If the pilot holes are too large, it will compromise the integrity and strength of the mount.
  • Now you can place the mounting bracket on the wall, the part of the bracket where the TV will hang using the other part of the bracket which should now be firmly screwed to the TV. Hold the mounting bracket against the wall and use a drill or manual screwdriver to tightly screw them into the wall. This is a good time to double check and make sure that everything is level.
  • Now you can pick the TV up and hang it on the wall bracket. At this point, be sure to tighten anything that needs tightening; everything should be very well secured. It’s a good idea to hang the TV slowly — don’t let it go all at once. You want to test to see if the setup can hold the full weight of the TV, so gently and slowly let the TV go and allow the wall/bracket to take the weight.


So now your TV should be fully mounted on the wall of your choosing. On a side note, you may want to drill holes under the brackets, in the middle of the wall where the TV is, and then another hole closer to the ground.

This will allow you to pull the cables and wires through the walls, hiding them instead of having them exposed in a messy manner. Whatever you do, ensure that you hit those studs.

A TV bracket screwed into nothing but drywall will end up falling down, thus breaking the TV and damaging the wall.

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